Tinder is just about the pointy end of multiculturalism

Tinder is just about the pointy end of multiculturalism

While I realise inter-ethnic dating is fraught with obstacles, but Tinder along with other apps that are dating bringing people together.

You were probably depressed by the sight of the president of the United States leading a rally in 2021, at which an angry mob chanted ‘send her back!’ in reference to a Somali-born US congresswoman like me. Also Trump’s mate Piers Morgan published that the rally ‘bordered on fascism’.

What can we do concerning the increasing racism and polarisation in western societies? The net had been meant to bring us closer together, yet apps like Twitter, run by Bay region liberals, are receiving the unintended consequence of segregating us into self-reinforcing bubbles.

There is one app, nonetheless, which does be seemingly genuinely supporting multicultural integration….Tinder.

Yes, although dating apps are neither designed nor used with lofty motives, the unintended consequence of their appeal is a increase in inter-racial partnerships and marriages.

And that, according to sociologist Reuben Thomas, makes them prone to settle down with somebody from a different battle, class, religion or academic back ground (though perhaps not, alas, with somebody from the different governmental commitment).

A similar trend ended up being observed by this paper in 2017, by Ortega and Hergovich. They write: “We used to marry individuals whom we had been somehow connected. Since we were more attached to people similar to us, we had been additionally prone to marry someone from our very own competition. Nevertheless, online dating has changed this pattern.”

The authors go on: ‘It is intriguing that briefly after the introduction of this very first dating sites in 1995, like Match.com, the percentage of new marriages developed by interracial partners increased rapidly.’

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