Misplaced jealousy? He became Mr Helpful after I was single.

Misplaced jealousy? He became Mr Helpful after I was single.

Hi all. My BF and I also do not yet live together (as a result of complicated DC rather than planning to blend families) Been together 6 years. Our company is one another’s support bubbles.

Like in my username, he has got the thing I perceive to be always a knight in shining armour complex. There clearly was history.

Once we came across, we had been both hitched to many other individuals. We divorced first. We had exactly the same band of friends, therefore nevertheless socialised into the exact same team.

He utilized to demand friendly chats, bring me personally hand me downs of his DS’s clothing for mine who’s a younger year. He could be quite great at DIY and would provide to complete jobs that are odd me personally. All extremely innocent. No flirting. No recommendation of any thing more than friendship from either part.

He later divorced himself so we got together 24 months from then on.

Through the entire first year or two, he constantly did actually have female buddy or two whom required some form of help. He is a shoulder that is caring cry on, do odd jobs, be helpful. absolutely absolutely nothing every seemed untoward. Very often these females had been hitched and then he never hid such a thing. We never distrusted him.


It went incorrect one time when he had a lady buddy who had been solitary and, as time continued, it became obvious that she thought there was clearly more for this than he meant. We went round to their 1 day and she had been here having coffee with him and she seemed pretty shaken to see me personally. 더 보기 “Misplaced jealousy? He became Mr Helpful after I was single.”